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Lesbians Touch Each other When they Wake up

There were the two princesses sleeping. She was a spectacular blonde and brunette, both were very different, but at the same time very attractive and were resting after a night of passion and incredible lust, The blonde was the first to wake up and began to look at her friend with some panties very sexy, he whispered in her ear and began to caress her, saying good morning in a very horny way and a kiss on the mouth that stopped her world.

He asked her how she had slept and the brunette told her that very well, she confessed that she had woken up wet and the other was wishing to check that she knew that moisture, began to caress her pussy slowly while they kissed and then the brunette began to eating her bed partner’s nipples, it was going to be an awakening that they wouldn’t be able to forget in a long time.