My friend’s mother takes out all the milk

My friend’s mother was very good despite her age. Since she got divorced she took care of herself and every day she was in the gym molding her body. She was probably more good than she had ever been until her tits were operated so that they were very firm, In the gym the very bitch called everyone’s attention and as he knew me he was always talking to me.

After six months of being in the gym every day, a relationship of trust was created that led us to talk about everything personal. In the end she ended up confessing that I had not fucked for a long time and she was in need of a good cock all day. Without thinking twice I told her that if she let me, I would love her, thinking that the thing would stay in that comment. He told me to go to his house and he told me that we were going to fuck and he was going to take all the milk out.