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Submitted as a Sex Slave by a stranger


This is a very morbid girl who met a boy who made her super horny, she started talking to the boy when her boyfriend was not and little by little he convinced her to masturbate in front of the webcam, she had always wanted to be subdued by domination and made her very horny, he called her slave number 13 and stayed with him on a Saturday afternoon.

She arrived at the right place and there he took her and began to force her by catching her tightly and telling her that she sure liked to be submitted like a bitch, He undressed her put his cock in her face while she was submitted as she wanted, He began to suck her without understanding Since she had become so horny, she was wishing that her new lover would make her enjoy herself like a whore. She slapped her and forced her to open her legs while he hit her pussy with her hand, ordering her to piss.

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