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The daughter is jealous of her mother’s boyfriend

The mother of this young woman has remarried and this time she has done it with a man who is very good, she has realized it until her 18 year old daughter. Her daughter has always been a very Puritan girl, she is a virgin, she wears clothes that are not tight and likes to comb her hair with two very tall pigtails.

Now he was living with his mother and his new stepfather, whom he could not help but look forward to fucking him. One day when his mother went with her friends to dinner, I take the opportunity to spy on her father when he went to the shower and caught him naked.

The stepfather surprised her by looking at him and knew what he had to do so that his stepdaughter would leave him alone, he took her to the bedroom of the young lady and put his cock in her mouth, gave him some good cock in the pussy and the girl left Of crying around the house.